About Us

Principal of  the pre-school Department, Kindergarten and Kinderkrippe

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Tanja Gerl

Tel.: +62 21 537 8080

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About Us

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The Pre-school department of the German School Jakarta, consist of the Kindergarten and Kinderkrippe, welcomes German-speaking and non-German-speaking children and families.

The opening hours of the Kindergarten for children between 3 and 6 years from

Monday to Thursday from 7:30am to 2:00pm and Fridays from 7:30am to 12:00pm.


The opening hours of the Kinderkrpipe for children between  1 and 3 years from

Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 12:00pm.


Early childhood education means the self-education of each child, discovering the world for oneself, experiencing emotional security and comfort by and using the present moment for its development. Children are explorers, musicians, researchers, artists, poets, athletes or mathematicians. We guide your child on this journey of self-discovery. Our Kindergarten and Kinderkrippe of the German School Jakarta, together with its premises and a solid pedagogical concept based on German and international approaches to early childhood education, offers the ideal setting for early childhood education of a child.


Das Aufnahmeverfahren

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We accept children between 1 and 6 year olds regardless of their cultural background and language skills. If you are interested, contact us at kita@dsjakarta.de or mail mail@dsjakarta.de. We are happy to answer your questions about our pre-school department and schedule an appointment for a visit.

Our Educational Approach

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  • The child is the designer of his own development

    Our educational work is based on the life situation of the children. The core of our work is the child with his individual needs, experiences, feelings, interests and abilities. These form the starting point of our pedagogy. Our holistic approach encompasses the fields of personality development, linguistic education and literacy, mathematical education, natural science education, musical-arts education, motor education as well as social and (inter) cultural education.

    Our daily routine is flexible and therefore offers the opportunity to play freely, participate in guided activities and experience what it means to be part of a group. Our daily routine is shaped by rituals, which gives children the necessary security. The topics, interests and needs of the children are the focus of our work and are the starting point of our project ideas.

    In our Kindergarten and Kinderkrippe, children learn and immerse into the German language, which means interaction will take place only in the German language. In order to meet the demands of the global world, the children will also learn and be exposed to the English and the Indonesian languages during specific classes. Intercultural and interreligious festivals and learning is part of our curriculm as well.

    The Kindergarten and Kinderkrippe of the German School Jakarta is a place where children have the opportunity:

    -To make their own decisions and learn decisive making skill.

    -To be in a group setting and learning togeher with others in a co-constructive environment.

    -To be creative, evolve, develop and to try out creatively.

    -To be yourself and to grow.

    -To build confidence and experience empowerment.

    -To develop enthusiasm for their own learning, to develop and expand their individual interests.

    – to form friendships and having fun.


    The pre-school of the German School Jakarta

    Is a learning place for children, educational professionals and parents.

    -Facilitates self-education as an active process of each participant and encourages individual learning experiences and learning experiences as a group.

    -Accepting each child as and who he/she is.

    -Observe and document the development of children continuously using scientifically based diagnostic tools

    -Combines German and international educational concepts of early childhood education such as the Reggio and Montessori pedagogy or the situation-oriented approach.

    -Provides an environment where teachers always reflect their own actions, pedagogical approach and national and international quality standards of early childhood education.

    -Provides intercultural education by hiring German and Indonesian teachers

    -Offers large, friendly and well-equipped premises as well as an outdoor area that encourages creative play.

    -Promotes the strengths of each child.

    -Welcomes visitors and families of all nations.


Information about our Pre-School

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All relevant information about our Pre-School can be found below at our KITA ABC.

KITA ABC 19-20 deutsch

KITA-ABC 19-20 english


Our premises

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Our premises offer the children a large classroom with an artist’s corner as well as an area for mathematical, scientific and linguistic experiences. Adjacent to our main classroom, is our large area for construction where the children can build and construct on different heights and levels with various materials. In our multi-purpose rooms, there is a library specially set up for the pre-school department, a relaxation room and a role play area.

Our spacious garden offers our children the opportunity to experience alternative forms of movement. In addtion to the slides, swings, and seesasws, there is a sandpit with a water pump and a large wooden boat.