School System


Our Academic Program

The German School Jakarta administers education in 12 years to school-leaving examination.

Primary School

The German primary school is organized as a day school in four grades.

Secondary Level I

The secondary level I is the temporally longest period in the school life. Here, a solid foundation is laid on knowledge and basic methodological skills. Following the German educational ideal, the students are offered a broad range of core subjects. Teachers give lesson in subjects such as German and mathematics, history, geography and computer science, ethics, art, music and sports. The teaching is based on regional curricula approved in Germany.

Secondary Level II

A development of the Upper Secondary. The German School Jakarta is one of the German schools abroad, officially recognized by the “Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs in the Federal Republic of Germany”, which administers the school leaving examination. Starting in 2017, the first examinee will be taking the German International Abitur.