History of the School


The German School Jakarta began working originally in 1957 in Bandung and moved to Jakarta in 1968. Since 1998, the school was built in a new state-of the-art building, which located in a large-scale area in the clean and safe environment of Bumi Serpong Damai.

German School in Bandung

In the mid-fifties there were almost 150 German doctors engaged in the contract with the Indonesian government under a program of the World Health Organization and sent to work throughout 13,000 islands. They sent their children to the favorable climate of Bandung, where some German, Austrian and Swiss guest lecturers were employed. They taught their own and the doctors’ children on a regular basis.

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In year 1956, the school association German school was established, which was driven primarily by the parents. Volunteer teachers, great improvised force without uniform lesson plan for the operation of a boarding school were pioneering achievements of the founders.

In 1956, the Federal Republic of Germany had purchased the building at Jalan Riau 44 and Mr. Kühne was employed as the first principal. The payment of this first force was hard at subsistence level, as the school had no further financial support.

The school was officially opened on March 29, 1957 in the presence of representatives from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Education and the Governor. Surprisingly, the latter addressed and welcomed the guests in German language and therefore supporting the establishment of the German school. At this time, 25 children were taught in three classes. A year later, there were already 60 students.

German School in Jakarta

The relocation of the German school in Jakarta was decided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1967. The reasons were related to the political and economic changes in Indonesia that happened since 1965. More and more German experts and merchants came with their families to Indonesia and lived mainly in Jakarta, while the Germans, who worked on different islands of the country before 1965, had mostly returned to Germany. On September 25, 1967 German parents in Jakarta established a parents’ association and on October 2, 1967 the school was opened in the former embassy building in Jl. Dr. Sam Ratulangi, Menteng. 22 children aged 6 to 10 attended the first four classes. The school initially consisted of three teachers.

In the school year of 1970 to 1971 there were already 159 students and 15 teachers. The rooms were insufficient and it had to be rebuilt.

In 1975 to 1976, there were then 224 students and another building had to be rented for kindergarten and first grade in Bintaro.

In 1996, a plot of land was purchased in BSD and on October 27, 1996 the former German Economics Minister, Günther Rexrodt, together with the headmaster, Wolfgang Hinners, led the groundbreaking for the new building.

In 1998, the German school, then called DIS, moved into the new building in BSD, although the number of students fell below 200 due to the political unrest in Jakarta.

In 2001, the first Indonesian students were registered into the Integration Program.

In 2007, Indonesian school branch was opened and the number of pupils increased above 320.

In 2008, the first Indonesian student took the German Abitur.