Aneka Berita

Why Homemade Cheese?

We learned from the book that dairy products were good sources of protein for our body. Cheese was one of them. We wanted to know

if processed cheddar that was widely used in Indonesia was a good source of pretein. We did a protein test to find out about it. We were very surprised when we observed the result. We couldn´t see a significant trace of protein in the processed cheddar. Then we did a startch test and the result was positive. We concluded that the processed cheddar cheese we tested contained more starch than protein. How could that be?

Next we learned about the importance of reading the ingredients and nutritional fact labels of the processed foods such as processed cheddar cheese before we consumed them. Guess what? The processed cheddar cheese that we had contained preservatives, artificial coloring, corn starch, and even vegetable oil. Isn´t cheese supposed to be made of 100% milk?

Time to make our own cheese! We only used 4 ingredients to make mozzarella cheese. Farm fresh milk was the main ingredient. We added citric acid to coagulate the milk, rennet enzyme to separate the curd from the way, boiling water to stretch the mozzarella, and salt to ferment the mozzarella for 8 hours. It wasn´t hard to make our own healthy cheese.

Starch Test

Primary 6 students began a new chapter about Nutrition in Science. They learned about different kinds of nutrient that their body needed and the importance of eating a well balanced diet. They tested the food they brought from home to find out if the food contained some starch, protein, fat, or reducinng sugar. The first test they did was a starch test. It was very obvious that the bread, cake, and rice contained some starch but they were very surprised to find significant amount of starch in sausage and processed cheddar too. The question was why?