SMAN 9 visiting the DSJ

One fine Wednesday afternoon, on February 27th, 2019 DSJ was visited by our partner school SMAN 9, a public high school in Tangerang Selatan. Friendly sports matches were held that day; with a goal to create a stronger friendship between the two schools. The event was the result of a collaboration between the student councils of both SMAN 9 and DSJ.
A captivating showcase of pencak silat presented by three students of SMAN 9 opened the event, while DSJ lead the fun warm up with Maumere dance for everyone. The students competed in four different sports: football, basketball, beach volleyball and badminton. DSJ showed great team spirit and enthusiasm; while SMAN 9 showed greater determination and skills.
The afternoon ended with a brief yet warm gathering by the two schools, accompanied by various and delectable snacks to refuel the drained students after competing against each other. The highlight of the event was handing over the trophy to SMAN 9 who defeated us fair and square with their outstanding skills.