DSJ on Tour Part 2 – P3 in Bogor

Primary 3 went to Kampoeng Bamboe in Cijeruk Bogor for their first overnight stay together. They rode in the bus for around two hours to get there, for some this was already quite a long travel. When they got there the excitement of imagining future activities pushed away any tiredness they felt from the long travel.

After settling in their rooms and having some snacks they started their activity by visiting the animals that lived there. There were different kinds of birds from parrots to a variety of chickens. There were also goats, deers, monkeys, and even peacocks. The goats, deers, and rabbits were allowed to be fed grass so the students were happy that they get to experience this. The monkey, however, likes to eat flowers! The students grabbed some flowers from the nearby tree after being allowed by the guide to feed him.

Lunch was then served and after filling their tummies they were prepared for the next exciting activity. First they were divided into two groups to play soccer against each team in the mud. The children fell, they laughed, they worked together to put the ball in the goal. It was a very fun experience for them because it is something they don’t get to do in the city. They also practiced planting rice seeds in the paddy field. Going through the obstacle course came next and it also started to rain. The children were all very excited to be going through obstacles in the rain and they played happily even going through it for many times. It was hard for them to stop and finish playing but after much persuasions they had enough and went to clean up in the shower. They day ended with stories and calling parents before going to bed.

The next day, after having breakfast they went on a 3km walk with a guide to the village near the site where they went through local’s houses and view the paddy fields and small plantations. Then after arriving back they were allowed to hit the pool and slide down the long slide with tubes. They enjoyed it very much and after playing in the water for three hours they had to shower and prepare to head back to school.

The children all enjoyed the trip and had many stories to tell their parents. They also get to experience many things that they could not do when living in the city. Many were even saying if they could do the trip again or stay longer. They can’t wait to go to their next trip!