DSJ on Tour Part 1 – P2 at Universitas Indonesia

On Thursday, September 27, the faculty of humanities Universitas Indonesia invited our school to participate in their annual event, Kulturfest UI 2018. Our class (Primary 2) was chosen to represent DSJ. We were very happy and decided to perform our Year End song, He Ho Wir Sind Piraten, along with the pirate costume and sword. We were ecstatic since it was our first time to visit a university and perform in front of people other than our family. It was a memorable experience for us.

“I felt nervous and then at the end I felt happy J. While we were waiting for the bus we played slide. I had a lot of fun”. – Aliyya

“We danced to He Ho Wir Sind Piraten and everyone laughed at the hugging part”. – Sheena

“We put on our pirate costumes and waited in the waiting room. Then, we went to backstage to perform He Ho Wir Sind Piraten and people loved our performance!”  – Zivanka

“The school is cool and huge”. – Darrel

“I had so much fun and we also got a notebook after the performance”. – Seline

“The place is very big and there are a lot of classes. We danced and sang He Ho Wir Sind Piraten and there were a lot of audiences”. – Fabian

“We went back to the waiting room and played ‘domikado’ with our friends and Kakak from UI. We said goodbye and went around the campus before we went back to school”. – Birkin

“When I went on stage I was so shy. I like the place because it’s very big”. – Khaizuran