Science Fair at DSJ

The DSJ 4th Science Fair event took place today. The students from Primary 1-6 and Klasse 4-6 enthusiastically prepared their scientific experiments. The theme of this year Science Fair was „Light and color“ for the older students. We could see many cool experiments using light, colorful films, lens, mirror, water, laser, prism, mobile phone, used CD, and even chemicals. The students turned everyday objects into fascinating pinhole camera, projector, microscope stand, periscope, rainbow maker, and many more. The younger ones could choose their own theme and their choices were equally mesmerizing. One of them, Pop the Bubbles, won the People’s Choice Award. Although the challenge was harder this time, all students managed to perform at their very best. Their effort to prepare and conduct the experiment and presentation was commendable. Because of their tiny hands and grand ideas today’s Science Fair became a highlight of the week.

Here are some impressions: