Year End Celebration

The Trilinguals have just celebrated the Year End performance with the theme “East Meets West” and graduations last Saturday, 17th June 2017. Our Preschool performed a musical drama about a girl who would like to be a dancer, and her journey to find the type of dance she likes with the help of her brother and friends. It was followed up by a colourful performance from the Senior Preschool Parents in celebration of True Colours, before the Preschool Graduation. The Parents’ Association also took the opportunity to present a token of appreciation for our school community workers in their dedication in running the school grounds and facilities behind the scenes. Our Primary students then took us on a tour with a Taste of Asia. The students showcased dances from Korea, India, China, Japan and Cambodia. The tour concluded with the Primary graduation. Kudos for a spectacularly dynamic celebration!

 Please enjoy the video in case you missed the show or simply want to watch it one more time. Below you find a slideshow, too.