Lecture of Nobel Laureate

It isn’t every day that you could see a Nobel Prize winner hold a lecture on why he won the Nobel Prize.

That’s exactly what we, students of the 10th and 11th grade, had the chance to see.

Busses left straight after the second period, after the 11th graders were finished with their test. After a 1.5 hour ride we arrived in Universitas Indonesia and there we sat alongside UI students and awaited the lecture holder.

Meet Prof. Brian Schmidt, who won the Nobel Prize in 2011. His specialty is astrophysics, and his discovery that the universe is expanding won him, and his team, the Nobel Prize. For one hour Mr. Schmidt explained how galaxies going further away meant that the Universe is getting bigger, how he started his work and how we know so little about what our universe is actually made of.

We didn’t have the chance to get a lot of pictures though, as we were there simply as a part of the audience.

It was a really great chance for us, even if not all of us were particularly interested in physics. If you have a chance to see a pioneer in modern research, you should probably take it. But let’s not forget the other reason why we agreed to go to this lecture: It was also a chance for us to skip several lessons in school :p