Valentinstag an der DSJ

The SV (Schülervertreter, eng: student representation) has prepared an event for Valentine’s Day. All teachers and students from grade five until twelve can send each other cards with either chocolate, peach roses, or red roses. A few weeks before Valentine’s day, members of the SV were separated into groups. These groups were responsible for a specific task in the event. The SV has done something similar to this before the Christmas holidays but encountered some problems such as not having provided enough cards. We were determined not to repeat these mistakes. The whole event started with some members designing the cards. We decided for four different cards and mass-produced them. The next step was to distribute the cards to the according classes or teachers. We handed out cards to each class’ class representative for them to give to their classmates. Teachers who wanted to send cards had to go to us privately. We gave everybody a week to get a card and give it back to us. When we received all the cards back, a group counted how much money cards we received, how much chocolate and peach or red roses we needed, and sorted them into the respective grades or teachers. Afterwards, we ordered these items from several different stores. These items were later on sorted to the respective cards and given to the class representatives for them to, again, give it to their classmates.